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Schengen Countries / Germany


Studying in Germany requires the graduate degree or the advanced technical college entrance qualification. International students have to show a similar graduate degree. Until now it was not possible to build a central organization for application and award of university places. Because of this the applications still need to be sent to every university or advanced technical college. In Germany there are three different kinds of advanced colleges or universities. Arts, film or music advanced colleges offer practical education in the artistic subjects. Advanced technical colleges however, cover the scientific and social subjects. They also set value on practical experiences in their education. The third category is called university. They offer all different kinds of subjects. Practical experience is an important point as well but the universities are especially famous for their firm theoretical education.



  • Minimum 60% in Higher Secondary Level
  • No Gapping
  • Fluent/excellent English (TOEFL/IELTS preferred)

ELIGIBILITY for Higer Education

  • A Minimum of Higher Secondary Level Completed
  • German Language Level A1 and A2 successfully passed