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Schengen Countries / Austria



       A schengen country, Austria is a largely mountainous country due to its location in the Alps with cool/temperate to alpine climate. Temperature drops to 00 to  -100 celsius in winter and highest temperature is 40.50 c in summer with average temperature remaining at about 250 c. Austria is 12th richest country by GDP per capita with high standard of living. International tourism is one of the major part of its economy – as the country has history and culture from the ancient – Geography and climate suits to Nepalese.


               Austria is a Non- English speaking country (major language is German). English is also understood and spoken by majority But in large organizations English is a must. (Students can learn German quickly by making Austrian friends as Austrians are very amicable and helpful by their culture. Austrian friends are needed for finding jobs because in Austria someone’s recommendation is preferred for job placement. Students should make sure of making Austrian friends) – Nepalese can quickly adapt in this regards as they are much friendly.


     Austria provides almost 50% scholarship for Nepalese students 


     Programs are conducted entirely in English.


    Credit transfer facility in any of the Webster campuses. (Gateway for those who aspire entry to other European countries, such as England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece etc or the USA).


Students come from all over the world to study in Austria – thus a global culture.


    Austrian Education is worldwide renowned.


  Government of Austria allows students to work either part time or full time (for 3 months in a year in vacations). Students should get work permit from the employer, who registers students as employee to the concerned authority. (although the  University doesn’t allot work time for students – student can work in confidence).


 Nepalese students can share (apartments, kitchen etc) in groups for study experience with high quality life in an amazingly rich socio-cultural setting in Austria.




Undergraduate programs


·         Managementwith possible emphasis in: :International Business/   Marketing


Graduate programs


    Master of Arts (MA)

    Master of Science (MS)

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)