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EPS-Korean Language Test


Eligibility to apply for EPS-KLT

  • Person aged between 18 and 39
  • Person with no criminal record in relation to serious offence punishable by imprisonment
  • Person with no past records of deportation or departure under a departure orderfrom the Republic of Korea
  • Person who is not subject to travel ban in his/her home country
  • Person who fulfills the eligibility requirements decided by both country


Implementation of EPS-KLT

  • Implemented at each country considering th number of valid rosters and anticipated roster-exhausting time
  • Specific schedule and details are announced in advance


EPS-KLT questions

  • listening(25 questions) and reading comprehensions(25 questions) (Total test time is 70 minutes)
  • EPS-KLT Question book : Download Link(http://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr)


Announcement of test passers

  • How to announce
  • Pass Criteria : Among the candidates who scored over 80 points (full marks 200), designated number of candidates will pass in order of highest score
  • Valid term of EPS-KLT : 2 years from announcement date of Test result



  • Even the candidates pass the EPS-KLT, they only obtain qualification to be registered in EPS Pool through Job application, it does not guarantee employment in Korea
  • ※Reference (summary of employment procedure)
    • 01 . EPS-KLT pass
    • 02 . Job application
    • 03 . Roster making and registration
    • 04 . Introducing foreign workers (Random)
    • 05 . Employment